LOPSA-LA is the Los Angeles chapter of LOPSA. We meet once a month for dinner and a round-table discussion.

Suscribe to the mailing list for meeting coordination. Please join our Meetup group.


LOPSA-LA started in 2008 as a SIG of UUASC-LA. LOPSA-LA became a local chapter of LOPSA in 2012.

About our parent organizations, UUASC and LOPSA.

UUASC is the UNIX Users Association of Southern California. There are two chapters: LA and Orange County. The LA chapter is more sysadmin-heavy and the OC chapter is more developer-heavy, although there is a lot of variety in both.

LOPSA is the League of Professional System Administrators.

UUASC predates LOPSA over a decade.

Mission of LOPSA-LA:

Resources for Los Angeles Sys Admins

Recruiters that deal with Sys Admin Jobs in the LA area

FirstLastPhoneEmailWebsitePositions Dealt With
Michelle Kuo 310-896-8031 mkuo@jumpsearchrecruiting.com www.jumpsearchrecruiting.com.com I work with Linux/Sun Solaris System Administrator openings in Southern California (mainly in Los Angeles).
Vikki Xiong-Gnandt vxgnandt@parasoft.com www.parasoft.com Windows/Unix Sys Engineer, Tech Support, Solution Architects, Java Developers, C++ Engineers
Jamie Lusk jamie@science-inc.com www.science-inc.com Director of Recruiting at Science Inc.
Shara Jones 310-903-4171 sjones@shopzilla.com http://shopzilla.com/ Linux/UNIX System Engineers
Janet Williams 424-258-1199, ext. 1077 jwilliams@eharmony.com http://www.eharmony.com/about/careers Unix/Linux sys admins, programmers, etc.
Jonas Schwartz 818-551-7100 Jonas@tentek.com http://www.tentek.com/ Unix/Linux Sys Admin and Engineers
Alan Weinstock 818-841-2002 alan@pmurphy.com http://www.pmurphy.com/ All flavors of Unix and Linux
Andrew Moreno 818-240-3177 amoreno@smci.com http://www.smci.com/ Everything in the IT industry
Gabriela Gonzalez 310-765-9037 gagonzal@teksystems.com http://www.teksystems.com/ Linux Administrators- RedHat, Debian, Suse, Ubuntu, Centos
Christy Spilka Christyspilka@thepolarisnetwork.com www.ittalentsearch.com All Information Technology
Stacey Broadwell 310-591-8327 Stacey@ittalentsearch.com www.ittalentsearch.com Everything Technology
Al Karaptian al@equestsolutions.com www.equestsolutions.com
Evelina Zograbian 3102425541 evelinazograbian@qtaq.com www.qconnects.com Unix and anything IT industry related
Jeff Hollis 949-860-4700 jhollis@partnersconsulting.com www.partnersconsulting.com All technical positions
Lynn Carter (408) 378-7378 lynn@stepo.com Unix Sys Admin
Sandi Orchid sandi@skwolffassociates.com www.skwolffassociates.com
Sean Card 213-895-7111 x216 sc@zionpartners.com www.zionpartners.com SysAdmins (UNIX / Linux, Windows); Network Engineers (Cisco, VOIP), DBA's (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL), Software Engineers (Java / J2EE, C++. .NET, PHP, etc.), Quality Assurance, Web Developers, Technology Executives...anyone IT- or Software-related!
Sean Lally 760-632-1601 sean@seanlally.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/seanlally
Ted Hekman 310 564 6833 ted@neohire.com www.neohire.com Online marketing
Eric Smedley 732-537-7296 eric_smedley@shi.com http://www.shi.com/ Seeking Unix/Linux Networking Engineers in Somerset, NJ

Recruiters: Add your listing.

LOPSA members in the Greater LA area:

Note: The initial list was based on LinkedIn search results for "LOPSA" AND "Greater LA area". To be listed, please email the webmaster.

UUASC members

Resumes of UUASC members.

Mailing Lists

LOPSA LA mailing list is primarily for announcements and coordination of meetings; technical discussion takes place on the UUASC "general" list or the LOPSA "tech" or "discuss" lists..